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10 Gifts of Christmas

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Cyber Monday

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Black Friday Sale

Our parent company is having a Black Friday sale starting today!

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Use your Work Supplies to Tailgate

Your work supplies aren’t just for the job site. They can power you through tailgating season too. You’d be surprised at how handy they can be when you’re in the middle of a crowded stadium parking lot, consumed by football frenzy. Here are a few examples of how your supplies can be useful for the tailgating months.

Work Gloves
You can never go wrong with a quality pair of gloves. Use the pair you typically wear on job sites when tailgating. They are especially useful when temperatures eventually drop further into football season. Plus, they are also a great way to protect your hands if you are setting up a lot of equipment.

Extension Cord
Extension cords are common to have on the job site and can be especially helpful when you are tailgating. You never know when you need to reach an outlet to power your cooking equipment, radio, etc. It’s better to be prepared just in case, instead of stuck in a crowded stadium with no way to reach a power source.

First Aid Kit
Minor injuries are always a possibility everywhere you go so keep a first aid kit handy. Most include gauze, patches, towelettes, gloves, cold packs, bandages, medical creams and wipes, which can help almost every minor injury. They also typically have enough supplies to accommodate several people, so one kit will likely last you the entire tailgating season, if not longer.

Heated Jacket
If you wear a heated jacket on the work site during the winter, bring it with you on those bitterly cold tailgate days. It will keep you toasty even in the most frigid temps, and you will be able to enjoy the game more as you are comfortably warm.

Coolers and Cooler Bags
If you have a cooler that you use on the work site, bring it with you on game day. It’s an excellent way to hold a large quantity of drinks and is spill-proof, which minimizes clean up. Plus, it’s also conveniently portable and easy to refill. If you have some bottled drinks you want to keep cool, consider a cooler bag. Just throw some ice in there with your bottled drinks to keep them cool and fresh.

So before you head out to the stadium this weekend, be sure to pack up your work supplies. Not only is it convenient for you to get a double use out of these items, you will also save a considerable amount of money, since you won’t have to buy all new tailgating gear.

By Sarah Smith

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Finding the Right Camouflage

Fall is the time of year that marks the beginning of hunting season across the United States. Hunters put on camouflage clothes, gear up and head out into the wilderness to hunt wild game. Their camouflage clothing is an essential part of the experience. It helps each hunter blend in with the surroundings and makes a successful hunt possible.

The word “camouflage” is the act or means of obscuring objects by making them blend in with the background or environment. Camouflage is usually synonymous with hunting and the military. And most people don’t pay attention to the details that a camouflage design holds. It’s not just random swatches of green and brown that make up an effective camouflage. There’s an entire process designers use to create the best color scheme and hunters should have some knowledge about the particular camouflage they purchase.

Originally, camouflage was simply a way to obscure the outline of the wearer. It was effective in disguising the person from a distance but wasn’t as effective in disguising in close proximity. Many designers of camouflage recognized the need for better prints. To have natural looking camouflage, the colors need to be based on natural elements such as dirt, leaves, limbs, bark and brush. As the camouflage revolution really took off in the 1980s, manufacturers such as Mossy Oak discovered a way to blend in shadows into the camouflage gear. This further increased camouflage’s effectiveness.

For hunters, choosing the right camouflage may be the key to a successful hunt. It’s easier to find camouflage that blends in with a terrain full of brushes, trees and landscapes but it’s more of a challenge to find camouflage that blends in with an open prairie or field. Some hunters may just grab the first camouflage they find and head out. But if a hunter grabs a camouflage outfit that’s primarily green shades intended for a wooded area but is hunting in an open wheat field, they’ll actually stick out more than blend in. You should know the terrain where you’ll be hunting ahead of buying camouflage. This not only makes for a better hunt; it makes your purchase worthwhile.

While becoming invisible is key, safety is also important. Hunters need to also look into reflective vests and clothing to accompany their camouflage. This may sound like it defeats the purpose of camouflage but in reality, it helps keep the hunter visible to other hunters. As camouflage designs become more and more sophisticated and effective, hunters become less visible to not only the wild game but to other hunters as well.

When purchasing camouflage, you should first be aware of the terrain and buy camouflage that’s appropriate for that terrain. You should also be knowledgeable of the safety requirements of your hunting location and state (some states have requirements for head protection, particular vests, etc.). Always remember: you want to be invisible to wild game, not your fellow hunters.

By Steven Adams

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Falling into the Season

September 23 marks the official first day of the fall season, but I am sure that some of you are already experiencing the cooler weather and crisper leaves. Here at Man vs. Tool, we are also starting to think about fall. Below we have compiled a few blog posts to get you started on the right foot this season.

  • Man vs. Fall: Learn tips and insight on how to prepare for the fall season, including how to rake leaves without destroying your grass, cleaning gutters, taking care of your garden and more.

  • How to Store Lawn and Garden Equipment: Find out how to keep your summer tools in tip-top shape for next season.

  • Fend of Sluggishness: During colder and darker days, we often feel more tired while working. Here you can learn some great tips on how to quickly energize yourself throughout the day.

  • Turn to Your Tools for Costume Ideas: To further help you get in the spirit, this post helps you think of the perfect Halloween costume with the use of your tools.

  • BONUS: Though Thanksgiving is still far away, but check out this fun video: The Turkey Carve-Off.

By Jen Bischoff

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Man vs. Fall

As we make our way into the fall season and say goodbye to summer, we need to start gearing up for cooler weather, falling leaves and frosted lawns. Below we provide tips and insight on how to prepare for fall.

Raking leaves without destroying your grass:

One of the biggest tasks during the fall season is getting rid of leaves in your yard. An essential tool to get the job done right is a rake. In the Garden Online suggests choosing a plastic rake with a padded handle that is not too big or too small. They also suggest using a smaller rake while cleaning out flowerbeds. For getting rid of crunchy leaves, simply bag them in a large-enough trash bag. Another great essential for keeping the yard looking great is a leaf blower, which allows you to quickly and efficiently get rid of unwanted leaves.

Cleaning gutters:

Cleaning gutters can be a difficult project and one many home-owners do not look forward to during the Fall season. Fortunately, offers three easy steps to do so:

1) Scoop out loose debris
2) Blast out the gutters with a hose
3. Clear obstructions in drainpipes

For a complete discussion read the full article here.

Frosted Flowers:

With the fall weather usually comes a bit (or in some cases a lot) of frost early in the morning blanketing your garden. offers an insightful post on how to “protect some plants and get others ready for the compost pile” when the frost arrives.

Storing Lawn and Garden Equipment:

Another essential task in preparing for the change in seasons is properly storing lawn and garden equipment. To keep your lawn and garden tools in the best shape for the following spring and summer, follow the simple tips offered in this blog post. The tips include how to clean, dry and store your tools.

Happy Fall!

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Last Weekend to Save with Summer BLOWOUT Sale

We are entering the final weekend for’s 2011 SUMMER BLOWOUT Sale. If you haven’t had the opportunity, head over to for great savings on a wide range of products with up to 20% off. Don’t miss out on these awesome deals! Sale ends September 5, 2011 (Labor Day).

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Summer BLOWOUT Sale Starts Today!

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Summer BLOWOUT SALE: August 26 - September 5

Now  is the perfect time to stock up on summer supplies for the end of this year and load up for next summer. As the kids head back to school and we are no longer being completely scorched with heat, celebrate with our Summer Blowout Sale. for two weeks (August 26 through September 5) will offer great deals on a wide selection of products.

Save on a variety of items including:

  • Lawn and Garden Supplies
  • Cooling Products
  • Pressure Washers
  • Camping and Cookware
  • Construction Supplies
  • Roofing Supplies


In addition to cashing in on all the great savings, check out our blog posts on how to make the most of your summer, while gearing up for fall:

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